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Commercial Media

Video is one of the most powerful tools of visual communication

We believe in creating content  that maximises the potential in videography


  • YouTube Classic



Promotional video for HONEST CRAFTERS 

A promotional video for premium bag repair and restoration. 

Depicts the skilled professionals and high quality material used for bag repair/restoration at Honest Crafters.

Beoncam: The 1st Ever Removable 360 Wrist Camera

Promotional video for Beoncam

A successful indiegogo video which raised funds for an innovative 360 wrist camera


Pirate3D | The 3D Printer everyone can use

Promotional video for Pirate3D

A feature heavy commercial the one of Singapore top startups, Pirate3D

Inspirit | How Asian CEOs Inspire Action From The Stage

Crowdfunding video for Benjamin Loh (Author of Inspirit)

Third most funded book project on Publishizer 

AiraWear | World's First Massage Hoodie 

Crowdfunding video for AiraWear

As seen on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

OCBC Home Loans - Coffee 

Promotional video for OCBC Home Loans

An interesting promotional video linking how home loans should be personalised like your coffee.

Pirate3D | Kickstarter

Crowdfunding video for Pirate3D

Raised more than SGD1.5 Million in Kickstarter

Zoom | The Cruiser

Cruiser foldable scooter for Zoom

A promotional video specially crafted for Zoom

YourLegend Youtube Channel

  • YouTube Classic

Popsical Karaoke 

Crowdfunding video for Popsical, the world's smartest Karaoke system.

A Kickstarter video for Popsical. The smartest and smallest streaming Karaoke system.


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