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Kevin Chan

CEO & Co-founder,

Coursepad Pte. Ltd.



Why is YourLegend unique

The Your Legend Team is not your run of the mill videographer as he has high artistic standards and is always willing to try out the latest, craziest ideas available to get a memorable shot. Instead of boring corporate videographer, think Freddie Wong of YouTube.


The team has a vested interest in making sure you don’t get a run-of-the-mill video but something truly memorable, and when it comes to product videography, that makes all the difference.


What do you like best about our videography services 

The consultation and prework. The team spends a good amount of time figuring out exactly what you want, styles you can try and helps you tell your story in the best way possible.


With the Your Legend team you can leave the creative direction of the shoot really to the experts - as long as you have a good sense of the objectives you want to accomplish with your video


Legend is accessible and really open to trying out cool ideas. He was also willing to go the extra mile and handle things like props and set setup making the whole package really value for money.


The final product was a stunning video that concisely communicated to our customers our value proposition and how our product worked. We couldn’t have asked for more.


Would you recommend YourLegend to others

I would definitely recommend the YourLegend team to all my other friends running startups of their own who need great product videos done that generate revenue!

I recommended him to the Pirate 3D team and he helped them raise more than a million dollars — that’s value for you!


You Jun




Why is YourLegend unique

In terms of cinematography, you seem to like warm-tones a lot, many of your videos are shot with a characteristically warm color-cast.


Your team is always eager to try out new technology, such as the drone-shots for your Scoot video. And you're open to being creative, for instance, we used a string to rotate the Buccaneer on a dolly.


Resourceful, your guys can work with minimal resources, utilizing what is available in the environment, and not afraid to try new things or risk new locations.


What do you like best about our videography services 

I think you guys know how to compose a scene very well, with the appropriate use of sliders, cranes and lighting. I sometimes lack creativity in that aspect, and most of my shots tend to look the same. So definitely, that's where youguys provide the most value to me


The final product of your videos for us, always involves live-actors, and that really provides value in terms of authorship. People don't buy a product because of the product, they buy a product because they see other people using is this value of what we call "authorship", that there is someone in the video, to attract people to watch the video in the first place. Your team is professional in terms of handling live-actors on set, which is something I still lack the confidence to do myself.


Would you recommend YourLegend to others

Yea definitely, already recommended you to some people. Your value-add is that you help people who have no ideas about how to shoot a video, shoot a video. Very often, people need more than technical video/photography skills, anyone can hold an iPhone and shoot great pictures these days. But the one thing they need is messaging and marketing skills. A well shot video conveys a concise and powerful message - that's where you can provide the most value.


Benjamin Loh

Author & TEDx Speaker




Why is YourLegend unique

For the launch video of my book  “Inspirit”, I’ve worked with Legend Lee.

I would say I’ve an amazing experience working with him and his team.

One thing that was really unique about Legend and his services was that he is someone who sits down and understands the biggest story behind your products or services. He works with you to come out with quotient and succinct story that reels people in.


Think of him like a consultant and not just a usual videographer but as someone that really understands your business needs and your objectives behind a good video.


What do you like best about our videography services 

The final product was an amazing one. I enjoyed the whole process filming with him. He is very interactive, very candid and very professional.

What I really like about his service is that he really goes the extra mile to ensure that you’re comfortable in front of the camera, which is not everyone’s thing


Would you recommend YourLegend to others

At the endpoint, the end product has a lot of good reviews from my friends, colleagues and associates as well. In this sense I would love to recommend YourLegend to anyone who’s looking to create a launch video. Whether you’re a startup, an author to be or anyone with a great idea to showcase the world but you need someone behind the camera to help you write, to help you produce and to help you orchestrate the entire story.


If there is an opportunity that comes by, I will not hesitate to get YourLegend again so that I can get my message out to the world.






Why is YourLegend unique

Legend and his crew are very accommodating and understanding to our needs. Their deep experience in corporate videography allows them to come up with interesting storyline that suits our objective. Hiring their team to do a product video was one of our early key business decision and it paid off greatly .


Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to create a high-quality end video with a very reasonable budget!




James Lai


Zoom Scooters 


Why is YourLegend unique

Your Legend photographers are focus to taking photos on people which both of of us like the most, the interview session are unique and we don't really see it in our surrounding friends wedding video. YourLegend also done well in focusing on the bride and bridal where other photographer are more focus to overall which we don't feel the both of us are playing the main role, Hah


What do you like best about our videography services 

YourLegend photographers are very responsive in capture every guests in my wedding, those facial emotions are attractive.

Everything going online, it's really flexible for us who are working. i think this is the best option for us to save time for other arrangement while wedding preparation.


Would you recommend YourLegend to others

Strongly recommend to my friends and family. Thumb's UP!


Wayne & Vivian

Actual Day Wedding

Photography & Videography 


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